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Our 3 acre lake is stocked 5 times a week with great fighting, farm raised Catfish averaging 2 to 10 lbs. in size. Stockings average 2,000 lbs a week.

Our lakes are in a country setting for a restful, fun, family experience.  We have a full size air-conditioned Bait, Tackle and Snack Store that has a full line of bait and tackle for the Catfish fisherman.

Especially for the ladies, a Bathroom ... and yes, the guys can use it too!

Our Pay lake has lots of Specials and Fun things going on....Please check our Schedule so you don’t miss even one exciting event.  We try to make Holidays Loads of FUN and any day fishing should be considered a Holiday!

Fees for fishing are $12 for 8 hours with an 8 fish limit (Mon. Tues, Wend.you get 9 fish) or $16 for 12 hours with an 10 fish limit. 

All kids 12 years and under fish on their parent's ticket for FREE. Their fish count against Dad's or Mom's limit.


We bought the license so you can


 just go for the Big Ones


Kentucky Pay Lakes
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Opening February 26th    Stocking 1500 lbs - 500 lbs on each Day Thurs., Fri., and  Sat.,


We have a 1.5 acre Trophy Lake full of trophy size Catfish waiting to break your line with catch and release fun. There are money pots to enter that win ½ of the money so the next guy can win too.

   The Regular Fishing Tournaments are scheduled every Saturday in the trophy Pond The Tournament cost $5.00 to enter it.  The  Biggest Fish of the Day Wins all the Money.  The Fish must be caught between 6 AM and 8 PM.  You must be on a Big Cat fishing Pass and caught the fish following all the  rules of the lake.  When 10 people have entered The Big Cat will also give away a T-shirt in addition to the money.   

    It cost $12.00 to fish at the Big Cat, both of our lakes are included in that ticket.  But To Fish in the Trophy Lake It is mandatory to enter 2 pots. 

Each Pot  cost $1.00 to enter and this is where you win the Money!     

If you are just fishing the trophy pond  you may enter all 4 pots and fish till the trophy lake closes for the day which is 9 PM and midnight on Friday and Sat.  




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